V Festival Internacional de Jazz de Marbella

Marbella celebra desde el pasado 5 de Mayo al 14 del mismo mes el V Festival Internacional de Jazz de Marbella. La ciudad volverá a convertirse un año más en la capital mundial de jazz. Tras los éxitos cosechados en las anteriores ediciones, el Festival Internacional de Jazz de Marbella ha preparado un cartel muy especial para celebrar su quinta edición con más de un centenar de conciertos.

El programa es muy amplio, teniendo lugar actuaciones en distintas localizaciones:

En el Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Marbella

Murajazz: En el marco incomparable de la Muralla del Castillo, se presentarán dos magníficas veladas de Jazz. Con una excelente puesta en escena los espectadores presenciarán un fabuloso espectáculo de jazz.

Jazz a bordo: Este año, y tras la gran acogida recibida en la pasada edición, el Festival Internacional de Jazz de Marbella vuelve a navegar por la Costa Marbellí a bordo del Velero Amorina, convirtiendo a este crucero en una experiencia única.

Jazz en la playa: El Festival Internacional de Jazz de Marbella sigue apostando por ofrecer espectáculos en escenarios espectaculares.

En esta edición, se suma una nueva iniciativa, el Jazz en la Playa. Una de las más céntricas playas de la ciudad ha sido el escenario elegido para celebrar una gran fiesta. Un baño de jazz gratuito que sin duda no pasará desapercibido por los presentes.

Jazz en la calle: El público del Festival podrá disfrutar de más de un centenar actuaciones gratuitas en sus diez días de duración en escenarios distribuidos alrededor de toda la ciudad de Marbella.

Los entusiastas del jazz podrán escuchar su música en lugares emblemáticos de Marbella ya que la música jazz inundará los más bellos y transitados puntos de la ciudad como son el Casco Antiguo, Paseo Marítimo, Puerto Banús, el Mercado, Avenida Ricardo Soriano, Alameda, Plaza África, Plaza del Mar, Elviria ……

1 Response to “V Festival Internacional de Jazz de Marbella”

  1. 1 massoud godemann julio 16, 2006 a las 11:32 am

    Hello lovely Marbella,

    I come to visit Marbella from 22.7 till 4.8 and i have the Guitar with me.

    Conversation would be so nice!!

    Is there a Chance to get in contact with some Jazzmusicans in Marbella.

    I play since 30 years and love to play jazz…..

    best regards Massoud Godemann

    If you like to read some Informations about me and my music:

    Fat Jazz

    Inspiration, Composition, Improvisation.

    “Jazz comes from the streets,” says band leader Massoud Godemann, composer and jazz guitarist. “With the Massoud Godemann Trio we play very few standards. I want to tell stories from Paderborn, Cuxhaven, Hamburg and Eppendorf. Not those from New York or New Orleans…”

    Massoud Godemann is a traveller, who goes through the World with open eyes in search of the unexpected. His vehicle is hearing: “to hear is the most important thing,” he explains. “You must apply respect and listen to your co-musicians. Only from this interaction can you make your small light burn that much brighter. Listening brings things to the day, which you didn’t have in view before.”

    With Gerd Bauder (bass) and Michael Pahlich (drums), Massoud Godemann (guitar) has found the perfect travelling companions, enabling intensive exchanges – and continuous progress.

    With the debut album Fat Jazz, the Massoud Godemann Trio had an impressive surprise success. The Album, which is handled by the Sony label, was greeted with open arms – not only in the regional press, and certainly not only in the jazz scene. From the “Kulturspiegel” to “Jazzthing” the critics proved to be enthusiastic – not least since the Massoud Godemann Trio breaks from the usual jazz conventions with innovation and the pure joy of playing. Instead of on endlessly repeating standards, the Trio bases itself on improvisation – instead of academic loyalty, interactive spontaneity determines the action.

    So far, the Massoud Godemann Trio has played over one hundred live sets, and in the meantime the Massoud Godemann Trio are at home in small jazz clubs and public festivals, and in addition on larger stages and in important support slots, such as the prelude to Charlie Mariano in the Hamburger Fabrik in March 2005.

    Communication is the key which leads percussion, bass and guitar into a flowing dia- and trialogue. Using composition as a starting point, a free interaction develops itself which is based on creaction and which, by means of stable structures, prevents egomanical defibring.

    The Trio possesses a steady present groove which sometimes swings, sometimes rocks and occasionally takes the liberty of finely chasing the perplexity of the listener. Heavily grooving songs such as “Kebop” and “Antidot”, puzzling collages such as “Afrodite” and quiet ballads such as “Follow your heart” form an always captivating phenomenology of sound.

    The dependability of the beats and the pronounced feeling for melody extend from the manifold influences of the Trio. Rooted in blues, funk and rock, coupled with the outstanding virtuosity of the players, the Massoud Godemann Trio has developed an innocent view of music which looks far beyond the acedemic standard of contemporary jazz.

    Jazz which is born from life and breathes life. Jazz in vivo, not in vitro.

    Press text (a selection)

    “In the manner in which these elements are turned through the sausage machine and reformed with genre-strange stylising into puzzling collages, how with captivating and imaginative musicality they brake away from traditional structures and form reveals indeed an unexpected and so far unexplored way through the jungle of jazz post-modernism.” (Jazzthing 10.04)

    “…with his trio, Massoud Godemann places himself into a large tradition and without a doubt Godemann proves his worthiness” (Financial Times Germany 30.11.04)

    “Jazz poets among electric guitarists are rare. Therefore their personal profile is more clearly to be recognized. Using tones as fine as silk Massoud Godemann takes firm fabric, from which he draws confusing beautiful chord and line samples with his guitar.” (JazzZeit/Austria 09.04)

    “Finely filigreed, crystal clear sounds” (KulturSpiegel 11.04)

    From breath-tender tones to explosions of feelings – following this passionate standard, the enamoured audience were really treated” (Emsdettener Volkszeitung


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